About Rainbow Books

Born out of a want to read and write more about queer content and content creators, I created rainbowshelf.blog.

Queer authors and creators need to be seen and heard now more than ever. As a bi woman who came out only in her late twenties, I want to help and lend my own voice. I want readers to come together and enjoy literature that was created by us, for us, and with us. And, really, I just want to read more 😀

Oh, and this is me —

it’s-a me-a, Mario!

Who I am:

  • My name is Andrea, I’m from Bremen, Germany
  • I’ve been blogging about pop culture and media for a long time, over on crimeandrelativedimensioninspace.com; and I’ve been a (fan)fiction writer for even longer
  • My favourite genres are noir, thriller, romance, and sci-fi/fantasy, but I’m always happy to read something new

I hope that this blog will flourish and amplify the voices of our community, and I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and the novels we pick up!

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