The Reading List // Reader Survey

Over on twitter, I’ve shared links to RAINBOW BOOKSHELF’S official reading list as well as a reader survey that you can fill out ā€” only takes five minutes!

Also, y’all can just respond to the original thread if you have any reading suggestions or creators you want me to check out. You can also directly tag authors or imprints and I’ll go and take a look!

@rainbowshelves is the official twitter account

Of course, I have my own sneaky list and there are two entries on the list I’ve shared already, but I don’t want to just write about what’s on my shelves to begin with ā€” I want this to be our project, yours and mine. I really appreciate your contribution on this!


About Rainbow Books

Born out of a want to read and write more about queer content and content creators, I created

Queer authors and creators need to be seen and heard now more than ever. As a bi woman who came out only in her late twenties, I want to help and lend my own voice. I want readers to come together and enjoy literature that was created by us, for us, and with us. And, really, I just want to read more šŸ˜€

Oh, and this is me ā€”

it’s-a me-a, Mario!

Who I am:

  • My name is Andrea, I’m from Bremen, Germany
  • I’ve been blogging about pop culture and media for a long time, over on; and I’ve been a (fan)fiction writer for even longer
  • My favourite genres are noir, thriller, romance, and sci-fi/fantasy, but I’m always happy to read something new

I hope that this blog will flourish and amplify the voices of our community, and I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and the novels we pick up!